About Us

1. We trade for you. You are already tired of permanent loss of money in the Forex market? Maybe it is time to abandon the "attempts to trade" and to entrust this work to professionals, transferring them management of your finances? Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier Limited services - for people with available cash assets which they want to invest, but do not have skills of individual active asset management and don't want to risk their finances.

2. Our guarantees. Any investment in the financial markets is a potential risk. E xperience and professionalism which are expressed in high, but what is more important - in stable profitability of investments, shown by Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier Limited, can minimize the risks.

3. Potential earnings estimation. Each client of Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier Limited has an opportunity to estimate their expected future return before trusting us to manage their funds.

4. Tax-exempt. Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier Limited is registered and operates its trading activities on the Forex market in an offshore tax haven. The company is not a tax agent in respect of its customer's income and, accordingly, does not produce any tax payments. Furthermore, Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier Limited doesn't disclose any fiscal data concerning their customer's income to the tax authorities of any State.

5. Convenient payment methods. Depositing funds and earned profit withdrawal are available by a number of ways, including e-currencies (what guarantees the anonymity of payments and provides tax-free of earned income).

6. Flexibility of investment plans. Investment products of Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier Limited - are a kit from which each client can independently form their own investment strategy.